Skylight Facade Systems

• It is designed to create bright spaces using natural light.
• condensate channel and channel-administered.
• horizontal - vertical cover can be applied can be applied in a vertical silicon lid horizontal.
• the possibility of implementation in many different structures. (Pyramid, roof skylights, required to be closed in special places, etc.)
• A special sealing system and are unaffected by moisture evaporation.
• Exposure of the load and the harsh natural conditions remain, without being affected for many years, the facility can be used without changing the colors and shapes.
• When used as a skylight in addition to the ease of implementation as a two or four-part roof in the winter garden or nature, it can be applied safely with the dropper or a combination of different applications.• openings at different distances, the possibility of easy application without requiring any device consisting of several machines.
• Swimming pools, sports complexes, commercial centers are using these sites to create different environments.
• designed to move the large opening; application and is a practical manufacturing system.
• There are suitable alternatives to close the inner cover steel substructures with the system.
• Glass and has a polycarbonate sheet facility implementation.
• as well as with a wide range of products it is also economic.




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