The Sun Crusher Facade Systems

The shading process is a combination of sunlight needs, the building is designed for solar shading to today.
• When you use profiles No. 2036, No. 2037 as a reverse in a straight profile you have created the combining the foot solar shading.
Feet optionally legged llama olabiliyor.paslan stainless steel or black the steel that (steel wiping painted with higher epoxy paint. (Primer used under the epoxy paint.) This type of steel processing manufacturer for that particular manufacturing makes to the desired spaciousness of this belirler.ayak drawings, Lamar place came the bore signs or box according to the desired angle on the legs.
• To connect the profile of the box No. 2036 or cry; a corner one-sided screws in the screw holes located at each end of the thrown against the other by screws can not be discarded, solar shading passed pipe on the previously tripped the delikd feet and remain in the system up. (There 16mm.lik hole spacing at the midpoint of the profile No. 2036. screw in the foot to be used hole locations and hole where the pipe needs to be tripped. In short, it carries only one hand as the hand as the pipe system screws.)• No. 1179 profile screw holes are located in the same corner of logic in the mid-point.
The feet are connected to the screw hole locations açılır.1179 the midpoint located in rectangular sections in the box or angle brackets. (One hand as screws excreted gusseted mounts the blocked rotation system other pipe in one of the other hand as at profile No. 2036 and 1179 numbered profile.
• bağlanır.kapakl 4000,4001,4004 same process with the front or application to be made in any enclosed space can ensure, as pieces of 4005-4006 feet.
• screw the screw hole of the 2785 g.kırıc No. 24 * is 24mm. atılır.ort box space.

Full diameter of the screw holes 3.4M gaps. (It is 5 mm for 4000-4001-4004 profiles.)




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