Mission - Vision

Our mission
As members of one big family -that is AKPA Aluminium- we offer the following values to our customers in one big pot that we mixed and melted ourselves: unending energy of our employees, high business knowledge of our suppliers and business experience of ourselves that we achieved throughout the years with the help of cutting-edge technology. Our main principle is to provide products and services which help our customers' businesses to grow and improve.

Our vision

As Akpa Aluminium, while addressing to individuals, communities, companies and providing them with products and services, we aim to;

- Make our products and services within the framework of ethics,
- Be beneficial to the economy,
- Be coherent with the ecological balance,
- Preserve our leading-position in the industry by keeping up with the technology.


- Continuous support
- Constant innovation
- Building a team atmosphere where confidence and trust is embraced
- Being sensitive to the environment
- Never compromise from ethics and aesthetics
- Improving steadily together with our employees, suppliers and customers by seeing them as business as well as solution partners.

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